Derive ‘Business Intelligence’ from documents - better and faster with DoxtrE.,

A digital enterprise’s “Connected Intelligence”, that provides tactical advantage for effective decision making, hinges on the timely availability of intelligence from all its documents.

    Documents – a critical Business Intelligence Source
Documents, both past and current, are a very important source of critical “Business Intelligence” of an enterprise. Documents present a very unique and daunting challenge with their Volumes and diverse contents, with the intelligence extraction process requiring active manual intervention with the associated risks.

DoxtrE from ELSEQ Technologies, automates the extraction of Business Intelligence from documents / other sources of unstructured data.

DoxtrE delivers, by being “TEMPLATE FREE” and learns on the job with its cognitive skills. With its RPA capabilities, integrates well into the enterprise workflow for simpler and faster flow of Business Intelligence from documents, both past and current.

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Use cases

Engineering Drawings

Accelerate integration of your drawings into your digital world. With its revolutionary ‘template free’ approach and cognitive skills, D0xtrE, hunts for the Title box of a drawing and accurately extracts the metadata.


Do not be dependent on a common platform for seamless invoice integration into your digital world. DoxtrE, with its ‘template free’ approach and cognitive skills will be able to integrate any invoice into your system seamlessly and accurately.

Contract documents

Accelerate integration of your contract documents into your digital world. With its cognitive and language skills, DoxtrE analyses the legal/contract documents and accurately extracts the metadata.

Other documents

Get DoxtrE to work for you for any type of document.With its cognitive skills, DoxtrE , can be trained with reasonable samples of documents along with their relevant metadata. And with its on-the-job learning capabilites, DoxtrE, gets more accurate and efficient by the day.

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